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Navigating the stages of an academic career for paediatricians (part 8)

Navigating the stages of an academic career for paediatricians (part 8)The success of any individual academic career depends on many factors, some individual, others interpersonal, yet others institutional and/or societal. Individual factors include resilience and sustainability, in other words, does the new recruit have the training, both in content and methodology, to provide the foundation on which their own innovations in research, education and/or clinical care can be built? Too often, young faculty members are appointed before they have completed sufficient training to have achieved this foundation, or they are given expectations that are not in sync with their sphere of expertise, or institutional demands make accomplishment difficult, if not impossible.Interpersonal factors include the knack for collaboration and cooperation with colleagues inside and outside their own institution. Some of this will depend on the individuals themselves, some on their mentors and supervisors helping to open doors for them at critical times in their career.

The institutions in which individuals ply their trade are also essential. Often, as pointed out by Joe Simone in his excellent article, Simone’s Maxims, the individual is out of step with the institution. The planning framework of large institutions is often much longer than that of the individual; similarly, institutional priorities may not encompass the individual’s aspirations. Also, many institutions are not agile enough to accommodate the goals and objectives of leading-edge faculty. Finally, societal factors, such as the funding environment for research, the and the economy, are all important contributors. Very cheap drugs at your disposal – buy levitra professional online to get best deals at best pharmacy.

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