06 Jan

Endometrial Responsiveness to Oxytocin: DISCUSSION(8)


It is not presently clear what the physiological role of endometrially secreted ОТ is or how it would influence the response to exogenous ОТ in the current study. Carnahan et al.

reported that i.v. injection of ОТ in vivo increased PI hydrolysis in response to a second challenge with ОТ in vitro, but this occurred only in endometrium from cyclic pigs and not in endometrium from pregnant or estradiol-induced pseudopregnant pigs. If a similar response occurred to chronic exposure resulting from secretion of ОТ by endometrium, then conceptus-secreted estradiol may attenuate the ability of ОТ to up-regulate endometrial sensitivity to ОТ or may promote OT-induced desensitization of the response to ОТ. buy flovent inhaler

In summary, these results indicated that control of PGF2a secretion in the cyclic gilt occurred strictly at the level of the OTr and/or receptor coupling to Gq. However, in pregnant gilts, control was also exerted at multiple levels that may have included OTr, Gq, PLC, and aspects of the secretory pathway subsequent to PLC. The present study also indicated that endometrium was responsive to ОТ during luteolysis in cyclic gilts but not during corpus luteum maintenance in pregnant gilts.

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