07 Jan

Regulation of Anion Secretion by Prostaglandin E2 in the Mouse Endometrial Epithelium

Mouse Endometrial Epithelium

Endometrial epithelium is the mucosal lining of the uterus and a target for hormones and regulatory factors. Prostaglandins (PGs), especially PGE2 and PGF2a, play versatile roles in uterine function, e.g., the initiation and maintenance of decidualization as well as the initial phase of implantation. PGs are known to exert their effects through endocrine and paracrine/autocrine pathways to regulate uterine blood flow, vascular permeability, and endometrial cell proliferation— physiological changes that are essential for implantation.

Little is known about the effects of prostaglandins on electrolyte transport across the endometrial epithelium. While PGF2a has been shown to stimulate Na+ absorption and K+ secretion in the intact porcine endometrium, preliminary observations in porcine glandular endometrium indicate a dependence of the PGE2 response on the activity of apical 5-nitro-2-(3-phenylpropylamine)-benzoic acid-sensitive Cl channels [8]. The mechanisms by which PGs exert their effects on ion transport across the endometrial epithelium remain largely unknown. buy asthma inhalers

Recently, we have established a primary culture of mouse endometrial epithelium that exhibits a basal short-circuit current (Isc) predominantly mediated by Na+ absorption. The cell culture system responds to a number of agonists with increases in the Isc that can be attributed predominantly to anion secretion. Using this endometrial epithelial culture system, in the present study we investigate regulation of anion secretion by PGE2. Results suggest that anion secretion across the mouse endometrial epithelium is regulated by PGE2 and involves a cAMP-dependent mechanism. PGE2 may act on either apical or basolateral membrane domains; however, its regulatory effect on the two domains is different in terms of potency and specific anion dependence. This suggests that PGE2 of different origins may play different roles in the regulation of endometrial anion secretion.

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