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06 Sep

Salmeterol vs Theophylline: Conclusion

In the current study, both salmeterol and, to a lesser degree, placebo therapy resulted in a change in classification from poor sleepers to good sleepers after 14 days of treatment; theophylline did not provide this benefit. The subjective quality of sleep improvements observed after treatment with salmeterol may be related to the improvements seen in […]

05 Sep

Salmeterol vs Theophylline: Discussion

The results of several previous studies with oral theophylline have shown no significant effects on sleep quality, while other studies have provided evidence that the medication causes sleep distur-bance. In one such study, normal nonasthmatic patients were examined in order to eliminate asthma effects on sleep. The results showed that the administration of theophylline caused […]

04 Sep

Salmeterol vs Theophylline: Safety

Safety During the titration period, eight of the randomized patients (42%) experienced theophylline-related adverse events, and six patients (33%) experienced drug-related adverse events on theophylline after randomization. The adverse events reported during blinded theophylline treatment included headache, tremor, dizziness, anxiety, agitation, and nausea and vomiting. No drug-related adverse events were reported after treatment with either […]

03 Sep

Salmeterol vs Theophylline: Diary Card Data

As illustrated in Figure 3, salmeterol significantly increased (p < 0.05) the percentage of nights with no albuterol use compared with either theophylline or placebo over the 15 days of treatment. A similar increase was observed in the percentage of days with no albuterol use. During the 15-day treatment period, mean daytime supplemental use of […]

01 Sep

Salmeterol vs Theophylline: Polysomnography measurements

The difference in the overall mean change in nocturnal FEV1┬álevel from baseline between salmeterol and theophylline was significant (p = 0.013), while the difference between salmeterol and placebo approached significance (p = 0.055). The difference between placebo and theophylline was not significant. The FEV1┬álevel was preserved at all hourly time points after treatment with salmeterol, […]

30 Aug

Salmeterol vs Theophylline: Results

Patient Characteristics Demographic data and characteristics of all randomized patients are summarized in Table 1. Of the 38 patients screened, 19 were randomized to study treatment after open-label theophylline titration. The 19 patients withdrawing prior to randomization did so due to failure to meet the enrollment criteria (8), theophylline titration failure (4), adverse events (2), […]

28 Aug

Salmeterol vs Theophylline: Diary Card Assessments

Diary Card Assessments Patients recorded morning and evening PEF measurements, nighttime awakenings, supplemental albuterol use, nocturnal symptom scores, and blinded study medication use in a daily diary record throughout their study participation. PEF measurements were made prior to taking the study drug on awakening and before bedtime using a hand-held peak flowmeter (Keller Medical Specialties; […]

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