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12 Oct

Exercise Testing in Women with Chest Pain: Conclusion

Other studies have indicated that the duration of exercise (as an indicator of cardiovascular conditioning) is an important variable that should be considered when assessing the likelihood of a “positive” treadmill result. In a study of880 asymptomatic men and women without known coronary heart disease, Allen and colleagues found that an exercise duration of <3 […]

11 Oct

Exercise Testing in Women with Chest Pain: CAD

Previous studies have focused on a more global view of the combination of risk factors as well as the specific extent and type of ST depression during treadmill exercise. In an important and well-controlled prospective clinical trial, Weiner et al analyzed 1,465 men as well as 580 women from the Coronary Artery Surgery Study (CASS/NHLBI) […]

10 Oct

Exercise Testing in Women with Chest Pain: Discussion

This study is unique in reporting on a consecutive, large group of women who had a chest pain syndrome thought likely to represent angina and a positive exercise test result (ie, ST segment shift during exercise). The clinical history and exercise findings prompted performance of coronary angiography. Previous studies as well as clinical wisdom still […]

09 Oct

Exercise Testing in Women with Chest Pain: CAD patients

There was no significant distinguishing factor between normal subjects who also had MVP and those who did not demonstrate this angiographic finding. If all patients receiving digitalis (n = 32) are excluded from the analysis, the time of ST normalization remains significant in differentiating patients with and without CAD (6.2 vs 3.8 min; p <.001). […]

08 Oct

Exercise Testing in Women with Chest Pain: Results

The magnitude of the ST shift at peak exercise for CAD patients was 1.3±.5 mm compared to 1.1 ± .4 mm in normal subjects, a small but significant difference (p= .004.). Table 2 delineates the distribution of the magnitude of ST depression. A preponderance of normal subjects had ST segment shifts limited to 1 mm, […]

07 Oct

Exercise Testing in Women with Chest Pain: Statistical Analysis

Statistical Analysis Statistical analysis was performed using the two-tailed t test if normality could be assumed. If normality could not be assumed, the Wilcoxon non-paired rank sum test was used. Categoric variables were analyzed using the x2 test. One-way analysis of variance and the ANOVA Duncans multiple range test were performed for multiple-group comparison. A […]

06 Oct

Exercise Testing in Women with Chest Pain: Group Distinction

The angiographic appearance of MVP was noted and was defined as previously reported. With the patient supine in the 30° right anterior oblique position, 45 ml of contrast material was injected into the left ventricle (15 ml/s for 3 s through an angiographic catheter). Cineangiographic recordings were made (60 fps) and reviewed. Normally during systole […]

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