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18 Nov

New drugs for diabetes

More than 370 million people from all over the world are diagnosed with diabetes mellitus. The number of recognized patients suffering from this blood disorder from year to year only increases. AS for the year 2011, the quantity of diabetics was equal to 365 million (the International Diabetes Federation). The scary statistic of extending disease […]

15 May

Increased Costs of Diabetes Therapy: DISCUSSION

Variations in the prescribing profiles and in the level of glycemic control, as measured by HbA1c, existed for the three hospital sites within VISN 4 of the VA health care system. Variations in practice patterns have been shown for multiple conditions, including treatment of diabetes mellitus. At the time of this study, national VA guidelines […]

14 May

Increased Costs of Diabetes Therapy: RESULTS

Demographics and Prescribing Profiles Overall, 4,265 patients met the study’s eligibility criteria: 1,363 patients (32%) from site A; 2,188 patients (51%) from site B; and 714 patients (17%) from site C. As expected in a VA population, most patients at all sites were elderly and male (Table 1). The two academic sites (sites A and […]

13 May

Increased Costs of Diabetes Therapy: METHODS

We conducted a multicenter, retrospective cohort study at three VA hospitals in Pennsylvania using data for patients who received outpatient prescriptions for the treatment of diabetes mellitus during the 1997 calendar year. Two academic urban referral hospitals (sites A and B) and one rural community hospital (site C) were included. This study was designed to […]

12 May

Increased Costs of Diabetes Therapy

INTRODUCTION Diabetes mellitus is a prevalent condition that imparts a heavy toll on the health of affected individuals. This illness affects an estimated 6% of the U.S. population and approximately 12% of patients within the Veterans Affairs (VA) medical system.

18 Oct

Metabolic Syndrome in Native African Type-2 Diabetic Patients: DISCUSSION

This report describes clustering of cardiovascular risk factors consistent with the metabolic syndrome found among Nigerian type-2 diabeticĀ (generic Actos is used to treat type II of diabetes) patients. The prevalence of the syndrome is lower than values ranging from 70-80% among Caucasians with type-2 diabetes mellitus. It is, however, higher compared to the recently reported […]

17 Oct

Metabolic Syndrome in Native African Type-2 Diabetic Patients: RESULTS

Two-hundred-fifty-four type-2 diabetic patients, aged 52.0 Ā± 11.7 years (range: 35-80 years) made up of 154 (60.6%) males and 100 (39.4%) females were studied. One-hundred-thirty-eight patients (54.3%) had concurrent hypertension and diabetes mellitus (controlling blood sugar levels in patients with type 2 diabetes). Of these, hypertension and diabetes were simultaneously diagnosed in 64 patients (46.4%). […]

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