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25 Jan

Fruit, Vegetable and Fat Intake: DISCUSSION

Results from the study suggest that in this population of African-American adults, older participants, women, those with higher socioeconomic status and those who were physically active tended to report better dietary patterns. These findings were not explained by age and sex differences.

24 Jan

Fruit, Vegetable and Fat Intake: RESULTS

Characteristics of the Study Sample The 2,172 African-American participants in Project DIRECT were predominately female (62%) and had a mean age of 46 years (see Table 1). About 38% of participants were currently married, and the majority were employed (61%). Most participants had completed high school (>70%) and about one-third had yearly incomes >$25,000.

23 Jan

Fruit, Vegetable and Fat Intake: METHODS

Data Source and Study Population We analyzed data from the baseline assessment of Project DIRECT (Diabetes Interventions Reaching and Educating Communities Together); methods are described in detail elsewhere. Briefly, a baseline assessment was conducted in 1997 using a multistage, population-based probability sample from U.S. census files in predominately African-American neighborhoods in Raleigh and Greensboro, NC. […]

22 Jan

Fruit, Vegetable and Fat Intake

African Americans are disproportionately affected by obesity and obesity-related diseases, which are related, in part, to dietary factors. Nonetheless, studies evaluating dietary patterns among this population have been limited.

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