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06 Jan

Endometrial Responsiveness to Oxytocin: DISCUSSION(8)

It is not presently clear what the physiological role of endometrially secreted ОТ is or how it would influence the response to exogenous ОТ in the current study. Carnahan et al. reported that i.v. injection of ОТ in vivo increased PI hydrolysis in response to a second challenge with ОТ in vitro, but this occurred […]

05 Jan

Endometrial Responsiveness to Oxytocin: DISCUSSION(7)

The current study supported the proposal that reduced endocrine secretion of PGF2a resulting from conceptus secretion of estradiol during maternal recognition of pregnancy in pigs involved reduced responsiveness to ОТ. Although no differences existed for OTr binding characteristics, PI hydrolysis, PGF2a secretion, and progesterone production between pregnant and cyclic gilts on Day 10, and only […]

04 Jan

Endometrial Responsiveness to Oxytocin: DISCUSSION(6)

The current studies showed that PGF2a secretion was not reduced during pregnancy in pigs as it was in cattle. This is in agreement with the proposal that a conceptus estradiol-mediated shift in orientation of endometrial PGF2a secretion from an endocrine direction to an exocrine one, rather than a decrease in total PGF2a production, prevented the […]

03 Jan

Endometrial Responsiveness to Oxytocin: DISCUSSION(5)

In the current study, treatment of endometrium from cyclic gilts on Day 16 with ОТ increased PI hydrolysis and PGF2„ secretion above basal levels, results that are in agreement with previous studies. On the days that ОТ failed to stimulate PI hydrolysis above basal levels, it also failed to stimulate PGF2ci secretion from endometrium of […]

02 Jan

Endometrial Responsiveness to Oxytocin: DISCUSSION(4)

Although it is possible that increased OTr mRNA was detected in pregnant gilts on Days 10-15 because of the relatively small sample size, this is unlikely for three reasons. First, the quantity of OTr message in cyclic gilts increased before onset of endometrial sensitivity to ОТ as anticipated. Second, OTr mRNA levels were extraordinarily uniform […]

01 Jan

Endometrial Responsiveness to Oxytocin: DISCUSSION(3)

The suggestion that endometrial responsiveness to ОТ is not regulated primarily through changes in expression of OTr is supported further by comparison of results for cyclic and pregnant gilts in experiments 1 and 2. Responsiveness to ОТ occurred primarily in cyclic gilts on Day 16, and, to a lesser extent, in pregnant gilts on Day […]

31 Dec

Endometrial Responsiveness to Oxytocin: DISCUSSION(2)

Results for pregnant gilts differed markedly from those of cyclic ones, and they indicated that control of PGF2a secretion in pregnant gilts is not limited only to the level of the OTr but also resides at multiple sites subsequent to the OTr. The ability of ОТ to stimulate PI hydrolysis decreased between Days 12 and […]

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