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17 Oct

Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal complications: DISCUSSION(4)

According to the survey results, approximately 2.7% of the respondents’ patient population experienced gastrointestinal perforation (Table 2), which is similar to the incidence of 2.5% cited in the literature . The most commonly coprescribed drug was ranitidine (Zantac), which was used by 85 (83.3%) of the respondents (Table 3).

16 Oct

Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal complications: DISCUSSION(3)

Kelly et al demonstrated that an infusion of ranitidine was sufficient to increase and maintain gastric pH greater than 4. However, increasing gastric pH to greater than 4.0 has not been shown to significantly decrease the risk of damage to the gastric mucosa . Those authors, however, commented that to show that the use of […]

15 Oct

Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal complications: DISCUSSION(2)

To the best of our knowledge no study supports the practice of coadministration of an H2 blocker, an antacid or a proton pump inhibitor with dexamethasone to lower the incidence of gastrointestinal ulceration. buy ortho tri-cyclen

14 Oct

Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal complications: DISCUSSION(1)

The results presented in this study are based on physician recall and, therefore, may not be an accurate account of a physician’s experiences. Furthermore, there was a 48.6% response to the survey, and thus the information derived from this study may not be indicative of the entire neurosurgical practice in Canada. With regards to the […]

13 Oct

Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal complications: RESULTS(2)

Gastrointestinal complications A total of 44 responders (43.1%) indicated that they had patients who suffered gastrointestinal complications within the past year while on dexamethasone. Of these 44 physicians, three recalled that their patients who suffered complications were not on any prophylaxis against gastrointestinal complaints. The remaining 41 physicians recalled that all of their patients who […]

12 Oct

Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal complications: RESULTS(1)

Population A survey was mailed to all neurosurgeons in Canada as per the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons directory. A total of 223 names were listed, and each was sent a questionnaire via the mail. The questions that were asked are outlined in Table 1.

11 Oct

Prophylaxis against gastrointestinal complications with administration of dexamethasone: A Canadian survey

Corticosteroids are a mainstay of antiedema therapy for malignant central nervous system neoplasms. Dex-amethasone has been used empirically for raised intracranial pressure in general because it minimizes cerebral edema of many diverse causes . Although many modes of action have been postulated, the mechanism of action of steroids on edema remains unknown.

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