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26 Mar

Mammalian Male and Female Germ Cells: DISCUSSION(5)

This may result from the limited sensitivity of the protein detection methods or may be indicative of translational regulation. Both possibilities are likely since MSY2 can be detected in the nuclei of germ cells by gel shift assays but not by immunocytochemical methods; and preliminary data indicate that most of the total Msy2 mRNA in […]

25 Mar

Mammalian Male and Female Germ Cells: DISCUSSION(4)

MSY2 and FRGY2 also share a pattern of germ cell-restricted expression in contrast to the widespread expression of MSY1 and FRGY1 in both somatic and germ cells. Northern blot analysis using Msy2 cDNA detected a broad band of mRNAs of about 1.8 kb in the testis, but not in somatic RNAs (Fig. 5). Similarly, FRGY2 […]

24 Mar

Mammalian Male and Female Germ Cells: DISCUSSION(3)

The coincident substitution of these otherwise invariant CSD amino acids supports a close relationship between MSY2 and FRGY2. Stronger support for MSY2 as the homologue of FRGY2 is derived from the conservation of the B/A islands (Fig. 2, underlined). The position and sequence of the four B/A islands is conserved between MSY2, FRGY2, and GFY2 […]

23 Mar

Mammalian Male and Female Germ Cells: DISCUSSION(2)

Highly specific antibodies to FRGY2 identify mouse testis polypeptides of 52 and 48 kDa in SDS-PAGE corresponding to MSY2 and its alternatively spliced form MSY2a; however, their cDNA-predicted molecular masses are 38 and 31 kDa, respectively. FRGY2 exhibits a similar disparity in migration relative to its true molecular mass because of its highly extended conformation. […]

22 Mar

Mammalian Male and Female Germ Cells: DISCUSSION(1)

The Y box proteins are defined by their CSD, which is more than 40% identical to that of the small bacterial cold shock proteins. Vertebrate Y box proteins also contain four B/A islands that participate in RNA binding; however, these are not found in Y box proteins from invertebrates or plants. Vertebrate Y box proteins […]

21 Mar

Mammalian Male and Female Germ Cells: RESULTS(5)

The inability to detect Msy2 mRNA¬†in the somatic tissues suggests that the expression of Msy2 mRNA is testis-specific. Western blotting of extracts from brain, liver, and kidney were performed to further evaluate whether MSY2 protein could be detected in somatic tissues. Antibodies against Xenopus mRNP3 + 4 detected MSY2 in protein extracts of testes (Fig. […]

20 Mar

Mammalian Male and Female Germ Cells: RESULTS(4)

Analysis of the expression of Msy2 mRNAs in enriched populations of meiotic and postmeiotic germ cells¬†showed that pachytene spermatocytes contained lower levels of Msy2 mRNA (Fig. 4B, lane 1) than did postmeiotic germ cells (Fig. 4B, lanes 2 and 3) or control adult testes (Fig. 4B, lane 4). The expression pattern of MSY2 mRNA in […]

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