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22 Apr

Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules: DISCUSSION(4)

The placental cell line SM9-1 was examined for protein and mRNA expression of the adhesion molecules. As in the placenta, the SM9-1 cells contained mRNA encoding the integrin subunits a4, av, 31, and 33, and VCAM-1. The protein expression of adhesion molecules was similar if not identical to expression in the labyrinthine zone. For example, […]

21 Apr

Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules: DISCUSSION(3)

The data from this study showed that the intensity of staining of av was stronger than that of the p3 integrin in the spongiotrophoblast zone, suggesting that av may dimerize with another inte-grin subunit (i.e., p1, p5, p6) in the zone and may reflect differences in the invasive character of these cell types. The av […]

20 Apr

Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules: DISCUSSION(2)

Although the precise role and regulation of the a4 integrin subunit in placental development is unknown, function-perturbing antibodies to the a4p1 integrin injected into rats and rabbits result in allograft rejections, indicating that a4p1 may be involved in creating an immune-privileged site. birth control yasmin The expression of p1 integrin subunit mRNA and protein in […]

19 Apr

Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules: DISCUSSION(1)

Although integrins and VCAM-1 are known to be vital to placental formation and function, little is known about the expression of these proteins during development. The first goal of this investigation was to identify the normal patterns of expression of a selected group of integrin subunits and VCAM-1 as a function of gestation. We established […]

18 Apr

Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules: RESULTS(6)

As demonstrated in Figure 3, the pattern and intensity of integrin subunits and VCAM-1 expression in SM9-1 cells paralleled expression of the same proteins in placentas. Figure 3A shows the staining pattern of the a4 integrin subunit as detected by indirect immunofluorescence. SM9-1 cells exhibited a strong perinuclear¬†staining pattern and a distinct but diffuse pattern […]

17 Apr

Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules: RESULTS(5)

Messenger RnA for the specific integrin subunits a4, av, (31, and (33 and VCAM-1 was detected in all uteroplacental units and placentas tested. Figure 2 shows semiquantitative RT-PCR analysis of g.d. 8 uteroplacental units and g.d. 16 placentas. Integrin subunit and VCAM-1 mRNA were present throughout gestation, indicating that these proteins were transcribed within the […]

16 Apr

Expression of Cell Adhesion Molecules: RESULTS(4)

Figure 1M demonstrates that at g.d. 8, the counter receptor for the a4p1 integrin, VCAM-1, was detected on the ectoplacental cone and in trophoblast giant cells of the early postimplantation conceptus. The trophoblast giant cells from the mature placenta (g.d. 12) were weakly positive for VCAM-1 and displayed a diffuse staining pattern on the cell […]

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