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29 Feb

Oral Complications of HIV Infection

Hairy leukoplakia is the most common oral lesion (20.4%) in HIV-infected patients. Candidiasis is the next most common lesion (5.8%). Candidiasis Oral candidiasis (thrush) often precedes the development of AIDS in HIV-seropositive individuals. The most common form of oral candidiasis is pseudomembranous candidiasis, appearing as white plaques on any oral mucosal surface, which may be […]

28 Feb

HIV Infection in Women

The fastest-growing group becoming infected with HIV is women in their childbearing years, and nearly all children with the infection acquire it perinatally. Women account for 15% of total AIDS cases and for 20% of new cases. AIDS now represents the third most common cause of death in young women overall and the leading cause […]

28 Feb

Primary HIV Infection

Acute retroviral syndrome occurs at the time the infection is acquired in 60% to 80% of HIV-infected persons. The illness resembles infectious mononucleosis from infection with Epstein-Barr virus (EBV), and acute retroviral syndrome is a consideration in differential diagnosis of heterophil-negative mononucleosis. Risk factors for transmission of HIV include history of a sexually transmitted disease, […]

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