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10 Feb

Suckling-Induced Serum Prolactin Levels: DISCUSSION(4)

It has been reported that Oxy has a modulatory action on PRL secretion. In our experiments with SD dams, it was assumed that Oxy was not released as milk ejection was blocked in these animals; therefore the higher PRL levels observed in SD dams cannot be attributed to endogenous Oxy. However, in the experiment using […]

09 Feb

Suckling-Induced Serum Prolactin Levels: DISCUSSION(3)

A maximum suckling-induced PRL increase was observed only in sleep- and litter-deprived dams whose mammary glands remained engorged as sleep deprivation impaired evacuation of the stored milk. When dams were not litter deprived (there was no mammary engorgement), milk impairment in SD dams did not increase suckling-induced PRL levels, supporting the existence of a relationship […]

08 Feb

Suckling-Induced Serum Prolactin Levels: DISCUSSION(2)

It is known that separated pups ingest more milk than nonseparated pups if it is sufficiently supplied by dams that have been separated from their pups at least for 8 h or when they suckle for longer periods (4 h or longer). Conversely, our results show that separated pups ingest the same amount of milk […]

07 Feb

Suckling-Induced Serum Prolactin Levels: DISCUSSION(1)

Our results show that the impairment of milk ejection, produced either by sleep deprivation in separated dams while suckling or by an increase in nonsuckling periods in lactating dams, resulted in heavier mammary glands and higher suckling-induced serum PRL levels. buy ortho tri-cyclen When milk ejection is impaired through sleep deprivation in previously separated dams, […]

06 Feb

Suckling-Induced Serum Prolactin Levels: RESULTS(3)

Mammary Gland, Acini, and Alveoli Size Figure 4 shows that the mammary glands, acini, and alveoli of nonseparated lactating dams (Fig. 4a) were smaller than those of separated dams (4 h) that were milk engorged (Fig. 4b). The mammary glands of a separated dam were emptied 30 min after suckling, and they were similar in […]

05 Feb

Suckling-Induced Serum Prolactin Levels: RESULTS(2)

Figure 2a shows results for C and SD separated dams suckled either by separated or by nonseparated litters. The mammary glands were heavier and serum PRL levels higher in SD than in C dams suckled by separated or nonseparated pups. Significant differences in suckling-induced serum PRL levels or in mammary gland weight between SD and […]

04 Feb

Suckling-Induced Serum Prolactin Levels: RESULTS(1)

Suckling-Induced Serum PRL Levels after Impairment of Milk Ejection through Sleep Deprivation SD lactating dams that were litter deprived for 4 h ejected less milk and showed a higher serum PRL level than C dams (Fig. 1a). Figure 1b shows the amount of milk suckled by litters and the serum PRL levels after various suckling […]

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