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26 Dec

Controversies in Sleep Disorders Medicine (Conclusions )

The final question depicts a patient who does not have OSA but does have significant sleep disruption presumably related to UARS and snoring. Most responders (63%) believed that the best treatment for this patient was to have him modify his sleep position as treatment. In an article by Braver et al, 20 snor-ers underwent overnight […]

24 Dec

Controversies in Sleep Disorders Medicine (Discussion)

The responses to the first two questions indicated that this audience was fairly sophisticated and well trained in sleep disorders. Over one quarter of the participants were medical directors of sleep centers and nearly half were medical staff members or consultants. Almost two thirds of the participants were board certified in pulmonary medicine and 12% […]

22 Dec

Controversies in Sleep Disorders Medicine (Results)

Audience responses to questions were as follows: 1. Your involvement with sleep center(s) is: A. Medical director 26% B. Medical staff member or consultant 44% C. Referring physician 26% D. Patient 0% E. None 4%

20 Dec

Controversies in Sleep Disorders Medicine (Materials and Methods)

This session was conducted with computer technology that enables the audience to respond to questions projected on a screen by pressing a key pad to designate their choice of answers. Instantaneous presentation of the responses to the questions then appears, followed by discussion of the question and responses. Approximately 400 pulmonologists were in attendance. Although […]

18 Dec

Controversies in Sleep Disorders Medicine (Introduction)

Purpose: Herein we report the results of an informal survey of approximately 350 physicians attending the American College of Chest Physicians meeting in October 1995. Methods: With response computer technology, we polled session participants about sleep and sleep disorders. The responses to the questions were instantaneously displayed and recorded and are presented herein. Results: We […]

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