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07 Apr

My Canadian Pharmacy Describes the Details about Cotton and Chronic Lung Disease

cotton workersContributors to the public health literature have recently recommended a disease-specific approach to compensation for chronic respiratory illness in cotton workers. The writers seem to favor a Brown Lung Law drawn on lines similar to the existing Black Lung Law. This is certain to provoke a sharp debate. If the Black Lung Law gives any indication, billions of dollars could be at stake. With the Black Lung Law as an example, there is every reason to doubt that the dollars would be wisely spent.
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20 Mar

My Canadian Pharmacy: History of Heroin as Medical Preparation

Heroin as Medical PreparationDo you know the most dangerous and deteriorating drug? Such drug is known as heroin. But this substance as it was observed at the main beginning was created to fight against cough. But let’s look through this topic at the beginning and till the end.

The exploration program director of “Bayer” Heinrich Drezer has reported to the management of the company about breakthrough. The preparation which killed pain better than morphine has been under his supervision created and at the same time I was safer. Moreover, the staff of laboratory and Heinrich Drezer who have tested new medicine on themselves have found additional property exactly the preparation caused powerful emotional reaction, almost heroic inspiration. In honor of this property a newborn pill was called “heroin”.

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03 Dec

My Canadian Pharmacy: the Lung Cancer

World Health OrganizationIn light of such indisputable evidence, efforts to combat the worldwide smoking problem, labeled an epidemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), are confounded by the fact that tobacco smoking is threaded in the cultural fabric of most countries. Since its discovery in America during Columbus voyage in 1492, tobacco is now available for smoking in every nation on the globe.

A number of observers have noted that lung cancer would be a clinically insignificant disease if people did not use tobacco and particularly did not smoke cigarettes. In 1912, the year a milder tobacco was developed in Virginia, that enabled smokers to inhale deeplyt without “coughing their heads offT only 374 cases of lung cancer were reported worldwide. Admittedly, this figure is an understatement of lung cancer prevalence due to serious deficiencies in lung cancer diagnosis and reporting. Nevertheless, even in 1930, fewer than 3,000 Americans were listed as dying from this disease. In recent years, lung cancer has been the leading cause of cancer deaths among men in many developed countries, a phenomenon that is becoming “an equal opportunity tragedy” for women.

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17 Nov

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Reduced Inspiratory Muscle Endurance Following Successful Weaning

Mechanical ventilationThirty-nine percent of all patients admitted to the ICU receive mechanical ventilation. Mechanical ventilation is most commonly used in the management of patients with acute respiratory failure as it reduces the work of breathing and diaphragm activity. However, prolonged mechanical ventilation promotes respiratory muscle weakness in the absence of critical illness and is localized to the respiratory muscles. The degree of weakness has been related to the duration of mechanical ventilation and has been suggested as a possible cause of delayed weaning from mechanical ventilation.

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03 Nov

Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy: Smooth Muscle Contractility Effects of Hypoxia

smooth musclesThough differences in control of function of a variety of smooth muscles may exist at membrane and neural levels, there are striking similarities in the intracellular contractile machinery. Since the contractile mechanism is the “horse that is driven by every whip,” we have directed our operated channels tend to blend together. Thus, in a smaller artery which is already depolarized, the voltage-independent channels can be activated to give a further increase in tension.

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22 Sep

Continuous Noninvasive Monitoring of Respiratory Rate. Canadian Neighbor Pharmacy Examples

respiratory dysfunctionRecent advances in electronic and computer technology have had a great influence on respiratory monitoring in the setting of the intensive care unit; however, the simple observation of respiratory rate remains the first and often the most sensitive marker of acute respiratory dysfunction. In a recent review of current techniques in respiratory monitoring, Eber-hart and Weigelt rated respiratory rate higher than any other invasive or noninvasive measurement. Unfortunately, the reliability of respiratory rate as routinely recorded, coupled with the relative infrequency of its measurement, has cast doubt on its importance in making decisions. Respiratory inductive plethysmography has been shown to accurately monitor breathing frequency noninvasively in spontaneously breathing subjects, as well as in mechanically ventilated patients. We used a prototype microprocessor system which continuously displayed and recorded respiratory rate and compared these values to the observations recorded by the nursing personnel during the routine care of intubated patients in the intensive care unit of a large, private teaching hospital.

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21 Sep

Canadian HealthCare Mall: Discussion of Medroxyprogesterone Acetate in Obstructive Sleep Apnea

upperairway musclesThat medroxyprogesterone might be beneficial in patients with obstructive sleep apnea is suggested by the fact that such patients have abnormalities in respiratory regulation while awake. They may have marked reduction in respiratory drive during sleep. Reduction in the genioglossus EMG during sleep, indicating decreased respiratory drive to the upperairway muscles, is seen at the onset of and during episodes of apnea in patients with obstructive sleep apnea. It has been reasoned that a ventilatory stimulant might increase the output of the respiratory center to the muscles of the upper airway during sleep. Such increased stimulation could improve muscle tone and prevent collapse of the upper airway during sleep.

M edroxyprogesterone acetate has been found to be a moderate, sustained ventilatory stimulant in normal man. This effect, which is seen both at rest and during exercise, can be detected as early as 24 hours after administration. The respiratory stimulant effect of medroxyprogesterone has been employed in some cases of chronic mountain polycythemia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and the obesity-hypoventilation sydrome.

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